Your Lumberyard for Quality Building Materials and Supplies in Maysville, KY

Hardymon's Home and Hardware is proud to serve the Maysville, KY, and surrounding area's lumber and building materials needs. We're the oldest and only local lumber yard in the region, and our company's history goes back over 100 years! Over time, we've added more and more products to our selection. We carry lumber, plywood, building materials, windows, cabinets, columns, decking, doors, flooring, hardware, heating, plumbing, electrical, hand tools, ladders, locks, paint, power tools and much more.

We're also very proud of the joy we give to the local community with the floats we create for Maysville's Annual Twilight Christmas Parade! See a gallery of our floats below. For more information on our lumberyard and building materials, please call (606) 564-4071.

Rich history of serving the Maysville community's lumber and building materials needs

Researching the history of Hardymon's Home and Hardware has been an interesting experience that has led us back into the mid-1800's. Lumberyards have stood on the present site of Hardymon's Home and Hardware since the early days of Maysville.

  • In April 1869, W.B. Mathews started the Maysville Sawmill.
  • In January 1877, Mathews changed the name of the sawmill to W.B. Mathews & Co.
  • By 1884 Mathews started selling doors, shingles, windows, etc.
  • In 1869 Mathews became a founding member and first board of directors of the Limestone Building Association.
  • By 1900 the business encompassed 5 acres of land and volume had increased by 40%.
  • By 1916 W.B. Mathews was tired of the lumber business and sold off the business to McAtee Case, he changed the name to Limestone Lumber.
  • In 1918 J.F. Hardymon came to Maysville from his hometown of Tollesboro, KY. He ran a very successful general contracting business. He rapidly gained recognition as first rank among the contractors of the state.
  • In 1927 J.F. Hardymon, with partner Everett V. Fleming, became President of Limestone Lumber.
  • In 1928 Hardymon changed the name to J.F. Hardymon & Co.
  • The company was then sold to Jerry Rains and Terry Teegarden on March 1, 1978.
  • At that time they changed the name to Hardymon Lumber Inc.
  • January 1, 2014 Jerry Rains sold his share of Hardymon Lumber Inc to the Teegarden family.
  • January 1, 2016 Terry Teegarden sold Hardymon Lumber Inc to Nicholas Teegarden and Terry Cooley

Maysville's Annual Twilight Christmas Parade Floats

Since 2000, Hardymon's Home and Hardware has been creating parade floats for Maysville's Annual Twilight Christmas Parade. This is an event that everyone enjoys participating in, as we design and build these floats for the delight of the Maysville crowd.